Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bell Labs' Gadget Communicates Human Emotions Through Touch

Thanks to some innovations at Bell Labs, you’ll soon be able to express your heart through your sleeve.

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'Rogue One' and 6 More Great Sci-Fi Movies Streaming Now

It's time to catch up on the classics. Here's where to start.

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The Physics of How a Mirror Creates a Virtual World

Human eyes are sort of dumb—but you can trick them into being smart.

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Math Says Urinals in Planes Could Make Lavatory Lines Shorter for Everyone

As long as you've got the exact right number of urinals.

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America's Fastest-Growing Urban Area Has a Water Problem

As St. George, Utah grows, it will have to cut down on its high water consumption or pay handsomely for it—or both.

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Batteries Still Suck, But Researchers Are Working on It

Technologists have devised a variety of ways in which lithium batteries can be tweaked to improve battery density, and maybe more importantly, battery safety.

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The Political Theater of Controlling Ebola With Border Checks

At best, thermometer-wielding guards waste resources; at worst they slow aid and supplies. So why do we still build checkpoints?

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